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Our Heroes

Our Heroes are those who braved as gallant fighters for our freedom, our independence.

The following gallant Old Faujians who died in the War of Liberation for their dearest Motherland - Bangladesh:

OFn. Maj. Md. Abdul Khaleque, 1st batch
OFn. Capt. A K M Nurul Absar, 2nd batch
OFn. Md. Mosharraf Hossain, 3rd batch
OFn. Lt. Md. Anwar Hossain, Bir Uttam, 7th batch
OFn. Badiul Alam, Bir Bikram, 7th batch
OFn. Capt. Md. Shamsul Huda, 7th batch
OFn. Mufti Muhammed Kased, 8th batch
OFn. 2nd Lt. Rafique Ahmed Sarker, 10th batch

The following Old Faujians participated in the War of Independence as the member of Niomito Bhahini to FCC seniority :

OFn. Flying Officer Waliullah(01)
OFn. Abdur Rab (02)
OFn. Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmed (02)
Zonal Administrative Officer , Mujibnagar Government of Bangladesh in exile
OFn. Capt. Abu Taher Salauddin (04)
OFn. M. Mujibur Rahman (04)
OFn. Capt. Abu Saleh M. Nasim, Bir Bikram (05)
OFn. GC M. Rawshan Yazdani, Deceased (06)
OFn. Capt. Ashraf Hossain (06)
OFn. GC Quamrul Haq (07)
OFn. Second Lt. AM Syeed Ahmed, Bir Pratik (08)
OFn. Ali Anwar (08)
OFn. Flying Officer SM Iqbal Rashid (08)
OFn. Lt. Syed Mohammad Ibrahim, Bir Pratik (09)
OFn. Syed Abdur Rashed (09)
OFn. Lt. Mir Muklesur Rahman (09)
OFn. Lt. Humayun Kabir, Bir Pratik (10)
OFn. Lt. Sazzad Ali Zahir, Bir Pratik (10)
OFn. M. Azadul Islam (10)
OFn. Second Lt. Kaiser M. Hamidul Haq (10)
OFn. Second Lt. Imamuzzaman Chowdhury, Bir Pratik (10)
OFn. Second Lt. Hashmi Mustafa Kamal (10)
OFn. Ishraq Ahmed (10)
OFn. Second Lt. Syed Munibur Rahman (11)
OFn Second Lt. Syed Mizanur Rahman (11)
OFn. Second Lt. Didar Atwar Hossain (11)
OFn. Second Lt. Shahriar Huda (11)
OFn AFMA Harris (11)
OFn. Abdur Rahim (12)
OFn. Ahsan Aziz (12)
OFn. M Ibrahim Adel Khan (12)
OFn. Belal Uddin (13)
OFn. Anis Quadri (13)
OFn. Nazul Kamal (13)
OFn. Sawkat Amin (13)
OFn. Abdur Rahim (14)
OFn. Mollah Fazle Akbar (15)
OFn. Mahmud Rahman Chy (15)

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