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The First


The first Old Boys Association ever to be formed was in October 1960 initiated by the Old Faujians of the first batch.

Out of the twenty – seven old boys who passed out in April 1960, sixteen who resided in Dhaka formed the E. P. C. O. B. A. – the East Pakistan Cadet College Old Boys Association.

Meetings of the old boys used to be held at the house of Old teacher Mr. Andrews and also in the British Council Auditorium. The E. P . C. O. B. A. – the fore – runner of the FOCA (Faujdarhat Old Cadets Association) which later was to be the fore – runner of the Old Faujians Association was organized mainly by the efforts of late OFn. Abu Naser Haider Ahmed (1) who died in 1963. The first General Secretary of the Association was OFn. Abdur Rab (1).

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