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The OFA Logo


OFn. Nizam M Selim (9th Batch)

History : It was possibly in 1972/73, If my memory serves me right, at my office at 2nd floor, mercantile Court, 27, Agrabad Commercial Area, Chittagong, while working on the modification of the draft constitution of OFA that it appeared to us appropriate to work out a logo for the association.

Motir : For motif of the logo, I considered three aspects of the Old boy’s network syndrome: present & future. That is, Faujians who already left their alma mater, Faujians who remained present in the institution and its ethos.

Layout : For layout, I therefore conceived of three human figures portraying three different kinds of Faujians-past, present & future-the chrysalis of the spirit de crops of generations of students sipped in the Tradition of Faujdarhat Cadet College (erstwhile East Pakistan Cadet College)

Ethos : The ethos of the logo-three human figures in their stride as if in tandem harness – epitiomise the unity of tradition despite the conspicuous individuality of each figure divided by time and space. A pride in having been a student of the same school – Faujdarhat Cadet College and being intrinsic part of the same tradition and folklore.

Commissioning : Mr. Enayat Hussain, at that time a Masters student of Department of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong, was with the tradition of the college, the choice of color was obviously KHAKI for the logo.

First Print: First Print with my Chittgtong address possibly came out in 1972/73

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